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20 Daily Tips for Improving Your Happiness Level

daily tips for happiness, improve your happinessSometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference

How do you rate your level of happiness? Are you looking for ways to improve your mood and get more enjoyment out of your life? With a subtle shift of perspective and an active approach to boosting your own degree of happiness, you can take control of your life and turn it in the direction you want to go! Here are some tips that you can use on a daily basis:

  1. Smile every day. Whether it’s in the mirror or at others, a smile can put you in a better mood.
  2. Look for the positives. For every negative thought in your head, find a positive one to counter it.
  3. Add more music to your life. Create a favorite playlist, put on your headphones, and enjoy!
  4. Focus on solutions. For every problem that jumps to mind, focus on finding a solution, rather than dwelling on the problem.
  5. Schedule in some dedicated “you” time every day. And don't use it to do a chore! Use it for something relaxing or enjoyable for you.
  6. Be grateful. Spend one minute each day thinking of things that you are grateful for.
  7. Do something kind for someone else. It’s amazing how good it can make you feel!
  8. Surround yourself with happy vibes. Try to fill your life with people who are happy rather than people who are negative.
  9. Learn acceptance. Learn to accept that things do not always go perfectly; learn to accept that problems are part of life’s journey.
  10. Stop what you’re doing and recharge. Give yourself a 2-minute break to relax and think about how your day is going and what could make it better.
  11. Make time for friends. Find friends who make you laugh and be sure to make time for these important relationships.
  12. Notice the small things. Rather than hoping for a promotion or a winning lottery ticket, notice the small things like making the green light, a nice sunset, or the taste of the first sip of your morning coffee.
  13. Don’t expect others to make you happy. We sometimes fall into the trap of expecting our spouse or friends to make us happy. Our happiness can only come from ourselves.
  14. Try something new. Adding new stimulation in your life can help you feel rejuvenated and interested in your life. Try a non-credit class, a new activity in your community, a new restaurant, a new kind of music, or a new hobby.
  15. Evaluate must-do’s versus should-do’s. If you’re feeling weighted down by responsibilities, try to reprioritize to see what tasks can be dropped off your list.
  16. Learn to forgive. Holding grudges or anger against someone can impact your positivity and your own level of happiness. If you can learn to forgive, you may find you feel lighter and more positive.
  17. Learn to laugh at yourself. Remember how much more you laughed when you were a child? As an adult, life can feel so serious sometimes! Try to lighten up and learn to laugh at yourself. See if you can find the humor in everything, whether good or bad.
  18. Avoid social media if it’s getting you down. Social media can be depressing if you are constantly comparing yourselves to the carefully-curated lives of others. Unplug and feel how freeing it feels!
  19. Take care of yourself. Getting the right nutrition, sleep, and exercise can make a positive impact on your level of happiness.
  20. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or yoga. Many people find these relaxation techniques can bring an inner calmness.

We hope you can find a few tips in this list that help you boost up your happiness level. You deserve to be happy!



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