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3 Tips for Your Healthcare Job Search

healthcare jobs search tipsJob Tips for Recently Graduated Nursing School Students

If you’ve already graduated from a nursing training program—and received your certification or license—your next step is to search for jobs in your field. You’ll already know what a resume and cover letter should look like, but you’ll want to further your skill sets and network of healthcare colleagues in the meantime.

Here are 3 tips to use while you search for a job in the field of nursing and allied health.

Tip 1: Network

Networking is important because you can meet people in your specific healthcare field who are looking to hire someone. They could know of an available position somewhere. Making connections, gaining references, and getting tips from healthcare professionals helps you know what to expect. Even chatting with others about their interview experiences and job searches will help you understand how to advance to the next level.

Networking is a lot like a job interview. Personal appearance and social skills are crucial while networking. Remember to:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Smile
  • Get to know peoples’ interests and hobbies
  • Listen to others—you may learn something!
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Be confident
  • Ask questions about the nursing field, and mention your nursing training
  • Be honest that you are looking for a job, but try not to appear desperate

Coming across as mature and kind will help you build professional friendships!

Tip 2: Volunteer

If you’re looking for a job and aren’t tied down, make the best use of your time. Volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home to gain more experience while you’re searching. Or lend a hand at community events where you can meet medical, nursing, or allied health professionals. Employers like to see their candidates take initiative, showing passion for healthcare and their communities. Volunteer work also shows potential employers you have the skills and experience to work with others. It’s also a great place to gain references.

Tip 3: Research

Researching where you want to work will save you time and trouble. Finding the right healthcare facility that matches your skills and interests will help you find a good fit. If you select a few facilities where you would like to work, you can check their employment listings and talk to people in your career network to see if they have any advice about getting your foot in the door. Once you secure a job interview, researching the employer will also be important. During an interview, you want to come across as knowledgeable and passionate about the employer and the healthcare field in general.

While you’re applying for jobs, remember to put your resume on job sites like LinkedIn. You’ll be able to make connections with others in your field. It also gives you greater opportunities for employers to come across your experience and possibly contact you for an interview!

Job searching can be frustrating and nerve-wracking. Remember that everyone goes through a sometimes long job search. Be patient and keep a positive attitude.

We hope these tips guide you on the path to career success! 


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