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3 Weeks to a New Career!

home health aide training program melbourne FLOur Home Health Aide training prepares you to work at agencies in the state of Florida

Melbourne, FL: Here at the Harris Casel Institute, we offer a variety of career training programs that can get you started in the workforce quickly. One of our shortest programs is the Home Health Aide program, which takes just three weeks to complete. If you are looking for career training programs near Melbourne, Florida, first take a moment to see if becoming a Home Health Aide is a good path for you.

What does a Home Health Aide do?

Home Health Aides travel to homes to deliver basic care to clients who may be disabled, chronically ill, or suffering from dementia. Typically they work for an agency that coordinates the assignment of clients, and they report to a Registered Nurse. Some of the day-to-day responsibilities of a Home Health Aide may be the following:

  • Help clients with basic needs, such as personal hygiene and other personal care
  • Record information about your client’s health
  • Care for the needs of a client who is terminally ill
  • Respond to mental health issues a patient may be experiencing
  • Help with light housekeeping when necessary
  • Provide companionship during your home visits

What are the pros and cons of this career?

Becoming a Home Health Aide can be a rewarding career all by itself, or it can be a stepping stone to more training in the field of healthcare. If you are considering getting trained, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • You can develop relationships with your clients, since you visit them regularly in their homes
  • You will be entering a field that the U.S. Department of Labor believes will be growing faster than other occupations
  • You will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people who are truly in need of your care
  • You will gain the respect and trust of the clients’ family members, who rely on you to care for their loved ones
  • You will learn patient care procedures that could prepare you for additional training in the field of healthcare

Keep in mind that the job can also be demanding, both physically and emotionally. You may have long shifts all by yourself, and be required to physically move your client several times during your shift. You may be assigned to patients with mental illness or cognitive issues, which can be difficult to handle. The job requires your patience and understanding, and your willingness to be there for people who are at the most needy stages of their lives.

How do I become a Home Health Aide?

At the Harris Casel Institute, we offer two related programs. The first is the three-week Home Health Aide program, which covers the basics of home health care. The second is a six-week Nursing Assistant program that trains you for higher-level responsibilities. Either program will prepare you to work for home health care agencies and group homes throughout the state of Florida. 

Want to learn more? Getting started at Harris Casel is easy. Just take a moment to contact us, and we will be happy to walk you through what you need to do.