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5 Benefits of Drinking Water

water drinking benefits health and wellness tipsHydrate your life!

Water helps revitalize all areas of the body. The liquid is one of the most natural and healthiest resources we can put into our system. In fact, H20 composes roughly 60% of the human body. It also helps the most important organs in our bodies function correctly, making up 76% of the brain and heart. Life on earth could not be sustained without the liquid. 

Naturally, water is so essential that it helps aid a healthy mind and body. It's necessary for our bodies to survive, grow, and heal.If you're curious about the benefits that water can have on the human body, then let this brief guide convince you why it's so important to drink the liquid every day.

Here are five benefits to drinking water regularly:

1. Hydrate!

Hydration helps the human body absorb and maintain enough water so it can function properly. When you become dehydrated, the joints in your body become stiff. Body fluids decrease causing dryness, fatigue, irritable moods, and slow brain functions which interrupts reaction time. Your body won’t function properly when you’re dehydrated. Water assists with cardiovascular health, lubricates muscles and joints, and cleanses toxins and waste from the body. Drinking water also helps to relieve headaches, balance blood sugar, and encourages healthy, hydrated skin. Improve your overall health so you can feel better throughout the day!

2. Improve your mental capabilities

Dehydration causes fatigue because your muscles and organs aren't properly lubricated. Dehydration causes dryness and lack of nutrients which stimulate the brain. Water provides your blood vessels with oxygen so they can expand for the brain to actively function and react to stimuli. Your brain will work faster when you’re hydrated. When your brain functions better, your probelm-solving skills improve and you also stay more energized throughout the day!

3. Lose weight

Need help losing weight? Drink at least eight classes, or 64 ounces, of water a day to help fight weight loss. Drinking water promote a leaner physique and tighter muscles because it increases your metabolism which makes you feel fuller so you eat less. However, it also assists with indigestion and removing waste from the body. Drink water instead of liquids with excess sugars, like soda and juice. These carbonated and artifically flavored drinks add unhealthy calories to your diet. Instead, drink water as part of healthy diet. Add plenty of exercise so you can help yourself maintain a more fit and healthy figure.

4. Improve physicality

Water also helps improve physical performance and movement. When you drink water, nutrients are released in and out of cells. Contracting muscles are revitalized and feel stronger. It also stimulates electrolytes. Since unnecessary calories and waste are removed from your body when you drink water, your body can perform better because it feels more energized and at ease. Plus, your joints will become more lubricated, so you stay flexible and limber during any physical activity.

5. Save money!

Water can also save you money. Most people spend $2-$4 on pre-made or hand-craft beverages on average. Don’t waste your money on excess sugar your body doesn’t need! Instead, purchase a reusable water bottle or canister so you can fill up water on-the-go! Your wallet and body will thank you. Plus, it’s healthier for the environment! Drinking only water will not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you save money in the long-term. 

Once you start drinking water you may feel more energized, healthy, and happy. Water can have profound benefits on our health and wellness. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day so you can perform to the best of your abilities at school and work!


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