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5 Steps to Better Mental Health

mental health happiness improve mental health tipsImprove your mental health with these tips!

Good mental health is crucial to living a healthy life. Keeping yourself mentally happy is a work in progress for many people. Everyone has their up and down days. It’s important to try to maintain happy and positive mental states so you can perform your best at work and live life to the fullest!

As a healthcare worker it’s important to maintain your mental health for you and your patients. If you’ve been feeling unhappy, stressed out, or overworked, perhaps it’s time to think about ways you can manage your life and mental health better.

Since May is Mental Health Awareness month, Harris Casel offers steps for students and healthcare workers to stay mentally healthy!

Step #1: Maintain a healthy routine

Managing your lifestyle and health habits can help put you in a healthier state of mind. Often, your physical upkeep directly affects your mental health. If you plan out and stick to a healthy lifestyle, you could see the benefits of less stress and better mental health.

Here are ways to maintain a healthy routine:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Exercising regularly (3 times a week, 30-60 minutes)
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Drinking 64 ounces of water a day
  • Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet
  • Manage your time wisely

Step #2: The power of positivity

Cynicism and negativity often decreases your mental stability and well-being.  If someone is negative toward you, sometimes your emotional pain makes you replay or believe harsh comments or actions repeatedly. But remember someone’s unprovoked criticism is a bad reflection on themselves, not you. Positivity can help you manage negative attitudes and unfounded criticisms. Here are some ways you can stay positive so you can confront problems responsibly and professionally:

  • Say positive affirmations daily
  • Focus on your positive traits
  • Meditate
  • Help others
  • Start kind conversations
  • Smile
  • Look on the bright side of situations
  • Don’t let rude people control you mood
  • Believe in yourself

Step #3: Be productive

Productivity helps us feel active, useful, and accomplished. Use your free time to become creative and productive. Creativity can help stimulate your brain and cause you to be more satisfied with life. You may want to become productive by taking up a new hobby, completing a personal project, or finishing a task on your “to-do” list. If you want to become productive by taking up a new hobby, consider these activities:

  • Learning a new language
  • Painting/drawing
  • Reading

Step #4: Become a part of the world

If you’ve gotten into patterns and static routines, then it’s time to put some excitement back into your life. Get off the couch or out of bad and try to take an active part in life. In your spare time, go out and explore your neighborhood. You may want to get to know those in your community better. Try joining clubs, taking up a new hobby, or becoming involved with community organizations so you can learn new things and meet new people. Learning more about the world around you can help stimulate your mind, keep you active, and help you from becoming bored and unhappy.

Step #5: Socialize

If you’re feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with life, you may need to start socializing more. Perhaps, you can start planning lunch dates with your friends and family. On the weekends, make sure you visit with your loved ones and participate in activities with them to build strong bonds and memories. You can also socialize and meet new friends by becoming an active member of your community, joining a club, or volunteering. If you participate in activities that interest you, you can increase the chances of finding like-minded people. You may also socialize by going to networking events. A good excuse to meet new people is to network with those in your professional field. You can meet new people in your industry and also learn more about the people in your field.

We hope these steps help you manage you take control of your life and your mental health!


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