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6 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn

linkedin tips, linked in tipsTry these tips to expand your career network

Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone who is just starting out in a new career, you have probably already developed a LinkedIn profile. Creating a strong LinkedIn profile is a must when it comes to career networking and searching for a job.

But after you’ve created your all-star profile, what’s next? How can you get LinkedIn to benefit you? LinkedIn offers a wide array of options for connecting with others and getting your profile noticed. Try these strategies:

1. Join groups
The groups on LinkedIn are a great way to get connected with people that you don’t already know. To find groups that interest you, you can either use the Search bar, or look for the groups that LinkedIn is recommending for you. You can learn more about groups under the Interests tab. Once you join a group, get active! Participate in discussions, raise questions, and offer up resources you may find to be useful. Once you are in a group, you can become connected with others in the group, even if you don’t personally know them.

2. Add more connections
Having at least 50-100 connections can help improve your profile and increase your chance of finding new opportunities. Periodically look under “My Network” and add some connections. Under “People You May Know,” LinkedIn will suggest people for you, so it’s easy to do! Use this feature to build more contacts related to your career field.

3. Follow companies
Following companies is a great way to keep up with your industry. It can also be a good way to hear about job openings or other opportunities. You can search for companies in the search bar, or you can look under “Interests” to see what companies LinkedIn recommends for you. If you are searching for a job, select some companies where you would hope to work and follow them. You never know what may come of it!

4. Use the recommend and endorse features
Recommending a colleague can be a powerful tool and a real boost to their LinkedIn profile. Endorsements can help too, but they are not as strong as recommendations. Write a few well-worded recommendations for people whose skills you admire. Then don’t be afraid to ask others to recommend you. Make sure you ask someone who knows your work skills, and offer to write them a recommendation too. It could be a current or former boss, a teacher, or a co-worker.

5. Be active
Similar to social media feeds, LinkedIn has a feed that appears on your homepage. If you come across an article that is relevant to your career, post it so that others can see it too. This not only helps share important information, but it also shows that you are serious about your career. Keep in mind that your posts should be related to your career—stay away from personal postings here. No pet videos!

6. Use LinkedIn’s job search features to your advantage
LinkedIn is becoming a popular resource for job hunting. Use the Job/Preferences tab to set the parameters for the kinds of jobs you are interested in. Set up an email alert so that LinkedIn notifies you when new jobs are posted. The email alerts can save you the hassle of searching and scrolling through job postings every day.

With these tips, we hope you can make the most out of LinkedIn. Remember, check LinkedIn often, update your profile, follow group discussions, and stay active. Staying involved in this way can increase your chances of finding new opportunities. Good luck!


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