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7 Stress-Busters for Today’s Students

stress relief tipsDon’t let stress take a toll on your health

Did you know that too much stress can be bad for your physical health? People who regularly experience negative stress can suffer from headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and stomach pains. If you are feeling stress due to school pressures, work responsibilities, family stresses, or social anxieties, you may benefit from some stress-reduction techniques.

Tip #1: Set new priorities
Stress often comes when you have too many responsibilities in your life, and you feel like you can’t keep up with them. If that’s the case, it may be time to take a step back and re-prioritize. Make a list of all your stressors, and figure out which of them are “must-do’s.” For the rest of the items, find a way to remove them from your list.  You may be able to assign them to someone else, put them on a back burner for now, or simply not do them at all. Remember, you are not a superhero! You can’t do everything!

Tip #2: Get organized
When you get overly stressed, things in your life can become hectic and disorganized. If your desk is overflowing and your homework papers are falling out of your backpack, it may be time to get more organized. Follow these tips for getting organized, and you may find that you have more time on your hands and less stress in your life.

Tip #3: Air it out
Stress can get bottled up inside of you and result in anxiety or depression. Airing out your stresses can be helpful. Find a friend or family member who will lend a listening ear and tell them what’s going on in your life. They may have some helpful suggestions to help you put everything into perspective. Make sure to listen to their concerns too. Helping out with someone else’s worries is a great way to let you forget about yours for a while.

Tip #4: Exercise your cares away
If you are in college or career school, or in a stressful job, you might find that you are spending hours hunched over desks and computers and not really getting much physical activity. A great escape from this pressure is to exercise. Going for a run, a hike, a bike ride, or lifting weights are just a few examples of ways to get away from your stressful routine and burn off some steam. An added benefit is that exercise helps to release endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals.

Tip #5: Take care of your body
In stressful situations, many people can wear themselves out by not sleeping enough and not eating properly. Not eating well and staying up too late will eventually catch up with you. Be sure to make healthy decisions a priority in your life, and try your best to get your eight hours of sleep!

Tip #6: Mental health minutes
There are things you can do to protect your stress levels and mental health that don’t have to take a long time. Try these 1-minute mental health tips to get your stressors under control:

  • Take 10 deep breaths, focusing on the air going in and out
  • Say a positive statement 5 times over
  • Listen to your favorite song and sing along
  • Do 20 jumping jacks or another short aerobic activity
  • Find something to laugh about
  • Think of 5 things you are grateful for

Tip #7: See a professional if needed
If you cannot get a hold of your stress and are worried about your mental health, be sure to see a professional. You may talk to your primary care physician first, who may be able to recommend a mental health professional for you.

We hope these tips will help you take control of your life and push the stressors aside. Living under constant stress isn’t good for anyone. You deserve a life where you can be productive, find success, follow your dreams, and look back on a life well-lived!



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