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Apps That Medical Billers and Coders Use

Apps for medical billers and coders, picture of cell phonesUsing free apps on your iPhone or iPad can make a difference as a medical billing and coding specialist

Working in medical billing and coding is a demanding job. You’re evaluating stacks of files to determine the correct service, treatment, or diagnosis for each patient. Only then can the appropriate claims be filed and the correct facilities reimbursed for their services. Health insurance claims require specialized software, and hospitals and doctor’s offices use complex databases to keep track of health records.

Here are some apps that might be worth checking out as you’re deciding the best way to do your job as a medical billing and coding specialist. There are a number of apps available out there, and you can decide which will be most helpful to you. (Note: We do not endorse these products specifically.)

While many of these are iPhone and iPad apps, some maybe also be available for other mobile device operating systems.

With this app, you can convert the old ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes in just one step. It shows details about each specific improvement in coding. Search the database by either code, and you can save the ones you use most frequently. That way you are working efficiently while also learning more about ICD-10.

STAT ICD-10 Coder
With this app you can search the database of over 60,000 ICD-10 billing and coding definitions. You can also scroll for a list of codes. It uses the latest data from CMS, and allows you to download codes directly to your device. For advanced features, like searching by keyword and index, you need the paid upgrade. (There is a similar Android app called ICD-10 Navigator, which is free.)

Coding Institute: ICD-10 Search
This free app allows you to search ICD-10-CM and convert ICD-9 to ICD-10. For each code, it offers indexes, sub-indexes, definitions, and the ability to bookmark. You can upgrade the app for a small fee.

InPracSys ICD-10 Converter
This app helps with converting codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10. It has a simple interface, and when you type in the old code, it provides the correct ICD-10 references. Keyword functionality gives you a scrollable list of conditions.

It’s amazing that we live in a time when you can hold this amount of information in the palm of your hand! Keep in mind that there are new apps being developed all the time. Also be sure to check the iTunes store regularly for any updates to the apps you have already downloaded. This will ensure that your app’s functionality is optimal.

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