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Are You Starting Your Days Off Wrong?

how to have calmer mornings, organize your morningFeel rushed every morning? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you one of those people who can barely wake up when the alarm clock sounds? Does your day start out in a mad rush to get out the door? Do you often arrive late to school or work? If so, you can make some positive changes to your morning routine that will help alleviate this daily stress. With a little planning, your mornings can be calmer and more enjoyable, setting you up for a better day all around. Try these simple tips:

1. Plan the night before
It takes a little extra discipline, but if you plan out your day the night before, your mornings will be much calmer. To plan effectively, make a checklist of what you will need to get through the next day.

  • Look at the weather report and choose appropriate clothes for the next day
  • Charge your mobile phone at night
  • If you bring lunch with you, pack it the night before
  • Pack up your work bag or school bag with the items you will need
  • Make sure your keys, pocketbook, and jacket are all ready to go, to avoid last-minute searching for them

2. Go to bed/get up earlier
If you are constantly sleeping through your alarm clock and waking up in a panic, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep. To remedy this, try going to bed 30 minutes to one hour earlier. It may mean missing your favorite show, but you will feel much better in the morning! Then, try to wake up about 15 minutes earlier than you normally do. This will give you extra time to get your morning routine finished and not feel so rushed.

3. Communicate with family members or roommates
Sometimes the chaos in the morning isn’t your fault. Maybe someone else took too long in the shower. Or your child needed to have permission slips signed at the last minute. Or your roommate borrowed your car and you can’t find the keys. When you live with other people, mishaps are bound to come up. Try to minimize these by planning ahead and communicating. Agree on a schedule for the bathroom that works for everyone. Help your kids prepare for the next day by having them check their backpacks and set out their clothes. Tell others what time you need to leave, so that they are aware that you need to get out the door on time.

4. Give yourself a healthy breakfast
Downing a quick cup of instant coffee for breakfast, or going through the drive-thru at the nearest doughnut shop isn’t the healthiest way to start your day. Instead, try to put some nutritional foods into your system to give you the energy to make it through the morning. Healthy breakfasts don’t have to take a long time—you can still eat a quick and healthy breakfast if you have the right ingredients on hand, like fruit and yogurt, toast with peanut butter, or low sugar cereal with milk.

With these pointers, you should be able to have a manageable and enjoyable morning every day of the week. You’ll be amazed at how much better your days go when you start out with an organized and calm morning.


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