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Back to School Time!

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Every September you see the school kids packing up their backpacks and getting ready for their first day back at school. Do you remember what it was like to be a student? Do you remember how to study?

If you are an adult student, you may not remember the study skills you learned back in high school. But that doesn't mean you can’t get them back! The Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida, specializes in career-focused programs for adult students. We invite all our adult learners to refresh their study skills with these 5 tips.

Tip 1: Give yourself a dedicated study time
When you are a student, it’s important to look at your homework as your job. Like any job, you have to put in the hours! Block out 2 to 3 hours every day for your schoolwork. Write it in your calendar and tell your friends and family you are busy. If you treat your study time like being at a job, you are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to take it seriously.

Tip 2: Set your study space up for success
Two of the biggest enemies of good study habits are distraction and procrastination. Set up a study space that encourages you to focus. Find a private place to work where you can’t get distracted by roommates or friends. Put away your devices, or better yet, turn them off so that you don’t get distracted by the pings and notifications. Make sure the space has good lighting and a comfortable place to read and work. With the right study space, you can be much more productive!

Tip 3: Get organized
Being an organized studier can save you valuable time. Set up a system to keep your class materials organized. Some people like color-coded folders for each subject. Others use binders or other organizers. Make sure you put the date on all of your notes so that you can keep things in chronological order. Keep all your schoolwork and books in one place so that you can find everything at your fingertips. Keep calendars and to-do lists to help you prioritize your work. Staying organized will help you work more efficiently, and will save you the frustration of losing things.

Tip 4: Find the study strategies that work best for you
Every learner learns in a different way. To find the way that you learn best, you may need to experiment. Try some of these tips:

  • Create flashcards to study your material
  • Highlight your notes to make the most important parts stand out
  • Re-write your notes to help imprint the information in your memory
  • Read your notes out loud to help the information sink in
  • Make graphs or timelines of important materials
  • Make flashcards or use Quizlets to help you memorize material
  • Ask a friend to quiz you on the material

Tip #5: Ask for help if you don’t understand
Whether you are in grade school, high school, or post-secondary school, your teachers are here to help! They want you to succeed, and your success reflects well on them as a teacher. If ever you don’t understand the material, don’t be afraid to speak up. Most teachers are happy to explain something again. Your school may even offer extra tutoring if you are having trouble with the subject matter. Take advantage of your school’s resources so that you feel comfortable with what you are learning.

Bonus Tip: Give yourself a break 
Studying for many hours back-to-back can be exhausting. Try taking small breaks every 30 minutes or so. A 5-minute break can rejuvenate you so that your mind is fresh to study a little more.

We hope these study tips help you become a better student. Studying efficiently not only helps you master your course material, but it also saves you time and energy. We hope you agree!


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