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This is a career that makes a positive impact in the lives of others, every day.
National Kidney Month is the time to learn all about this essential organ
Home health aide training could be a good career move for you
Give these money-saving tips a try
This role provides personal, direct care to patients in need.
Make good lifestyle choices in February to set yourself up for long-term cardiac health
Practical nursing students show their commitment to their studies and fellow students
Learn some of the fundamentals about this essential healthcare role
Keep the stress in check with these simple exercises
Prepare answers to these questions as preparation for your job search process
Find out about networking for healthcare professionals, business professionals, nonprofit professionals, and more
Short term career training programs are a good fit for many students
Find out if this is the right path into healthcare for you
Follow these tips for enjoying without overindulging in holiday eating
Are you thinking about a nursing career? There are several career options in the field of nursing that do not require a full nursing degree.
Ways to make someone's day just a little brighter
Read on to find out why this is a popular job in the healthcare industry
There are many charities and organizations in the Melbourne area that are seeking donations, support, and volunteers.
You don't need to get a college degree or go to medical school to have mearketable skills in the healthcare field.
Celebrating the work of these important healthcare professionals.
If you’re having trouble in school, you can get back on track.
Seven reasons to consider this exciting career path
Employers are looking for people with these skills who can grow with the organization.
To boost up your immune system and protect yourself, here are some handwashing tips to follow.
Fun facts and suggestions to raise awareness about oral health.
One of the first steps towards getting that first job is to prepare a good resume.
You are not alone! Here are 8 tips to help you get over your fear.
Campus Director Carol Watson asked Pamela a few questions recently, so we could get to know her better.
Find out the best ways that your efforts and donations can make an impact.
To be your very best in this profession, here are some strategies that can make a big difference.
Early detection and healthy lifestyles can help lower your risk
One out of five Americans will experience a mental illness over the course of any given year.
If you are someone who likes to help others, a career in home health care might be something worth considering.
We hope you’ll find something on this list that intrigues you.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.
Consider these factors about this essential healthcare role
A simplified life can help you focus on what’s most important.
Would you prefer a career in healthcare where you tackle tasks on the business side, rather than on the clinical side providing patient care?
If there’s one time in your life when you want to “dress to impress,” it’s for a job interview.
Here are examples of budget-conscious or free apps that might be good tools for you to have at your fingertips.
By following rules of etiquette and common sense, we can work together to make social media a better place to be!
The good, the bad, and some hints to help you manage it.
Use these job search tips to make your search more efficient.
Here is an overview of life as a PCT who works in a hospital or ER.
Becoming a Home Health Aide is a fast way to gain marketable skills and get you on the job market within just a few months.
Being prepared with thoughtful questions shows initiative on your part.
Remember, getting there safely is the most important thing!
Find out if a Nursing Assistant career would be a good fit for you with these commonly asked questions and answers.
Have you ever counted how many times you check your mobile phone every day?
Try some of these at your desk to bring yourself some relief from built-up tension.
A sample resume can give you a starting off point, and from there, you can fill in your own information.
If you’re going to exercise outdoors this summer, be vigilant about not overheating.
Enrolling may be easier than you think.
Some of this trivia about nursing may surprise you!
How can you help them think about a career without interfering too much?
As a home health aide, you bring caring assistance to patients every day.
Do you dread taking tests? Try this advice to prepare for your next test.
Here are a few of the traits that you’ll need as a patient care technician (PCT) to succeed on the job.
There are plenty of ways to get exercise that are so much fun you’ll hardly know you’re working out.
Think you might like to work in the field of healthcare and nursing? You should consider becoming a practical nurse.
With more and more job applications being submitted online, you might be wondering whether it’s still necessary to write a cover letter.
For National Iced Tea month, try these iced tea recipes that will help you cool down all summer.
If you’ve just finished high school and still aren’t sure what’s next, you are not alone.
Thursday, June 15 is the beginning of the 40th Annual National Nursing Assistants Week.
Learning how to manage your time is a life skill that can make your life more productive, less stressful, and more enjoyable.
Don't skimp on the sunscreen this summer if you want to protect your skin!
Medical billers and coders are professionals in the healthcare system who are responsible for processing insurance claims.
You can help not only yourself but also others in your community by taking steps to reduce the mosquito population.
You want to create a document that will stand out from the rest of the pool of job applicants.
Even if you’ve never worked in healthcare before, becoming a home health aide may be within your reach.
Around the country on May 6–12, patients, families, and friends celebrated the nurses they know for National Nursing Week.
About 1 in 5 people will experience skin cancer in their lives, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
Do you have what it takes for a career in practical nursing?
Here is our top 5 list of why the instructors at the Harris Casel Institute are the greatest!
This post answers some of the most frequently asked questions we get from prospective students about Patient Care Technicians.
With a little planning, your mornings can be calmer and more enjoyable, setting you up for a better day all around.
It’s too easy to take administrative professionals for granted.
There are many benefits to going to college, but for some students, college simply may not become a reality.
The majority of people with allergies suffer allergic reactions to tree pollen, which has a very long season in Florida.
Here are some of the things that you would do on the job, if you choose to become a nursing assistant:
As a medical billing and coding specialist, you can benefit from a few “tricks of the trade”.
Don’t let stress take a toll on your health.
Are you curious about the role of a home health aide as a possible profession?
Goal-setting is one of the good habits that many successful people share.
Have you ever lost a document you’d been working on for hours but forgot to save?
Writing cover letters has changed over the years, especially as more applications are being screened by applicant tracking systems.
Are you aware of what a medical billing and coding specialist does?
Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to your health? Try these inactivity-busters.
If you’re interested in a career in healthcare, you might want to look into whether this could be a good field for you.
The art of resume writing has changed rapidly along with new innovations in technology and the way information is shared.
You may have heard the term “phlebotomist” but are not sure how someone in this profession spends their day.
Most students are also living on a tight day-to-day budget. Here are some quick tips to make your spending money last a little longer.
Even though you probably use your health insurance on a regular basis, you might not understand the life cycle of an insurance claim.
Participating in class can be an important part of your grade. It shows the instructor that you are paying attention.
Becoming a PCT provides a variety of options in terms of where you could work once you complete your training.
Next time you have a job interview lined up, use these five important tips to prepare for the big day.
Here are some apps that might be worth checking out as you’re deciding the best way to do your job as a medical billing and coding specialist.
Here are some great ways to surprise your teacher with a little appreciation.
Washing your hands might seem like a straightforward task, but the healthcare profession is high stakes when it comes to germs.
If you are thinking about nursing school, there are many different paths you can choose. One popular choice is becoming a practical nurse.
Our Patient Care Technician program is one way to delve into the field of nursing.
When you are starting out in a brand new field, it can be challenging to land your first job, since you don’t have any previous work experience.
Because January is Thyroid Awareness Month there is no better time to support your thyroid.
Do you think you have what it takes to become a home health aide?
Rather than being daunted by the credit card bills that are rolling in, take steps toward taking control of your finances.
If you are considering plebotomy training, you should know that phlebotomy is more than simply drawing blood specimens.
There’s no time like the present to tackle some of those life maintenance items you may have been putting off.
At the start of a new year, a lot of people take a look at their careers and decide it’s time for a change.
Do you want to turn over a new leaf in the new year? Are you looking for something new to set your life and career in a positive direction?
Being a student can be very busy at times, especially when you have exams, finals, practicums, and papers all assigned at the same time. How do the best students succeed?
There are many career paths to choose from in the field of nursing. Nursing Assistants are not full nurses, but they still play an important role in the field of nursing. Nursing assistants work very closely with patients every day, and help them handle their basic needs.
If you are job searching, you might be tempted to give up your search during the December holidays. Here are 5 reasons to keep searching!
Feeling like a scrooge? We've got 30 tips to help put you in the holiday spirit!
Here are some tips to help you hold back on your spending during the holidays.
If you’re learning to administer an EKG then you should know about the five different types.
If you are looking for a new career with a quick training program, you might want to look at becoming a Home Health Aide.
Discover five key traits that help make practical nurses great caregivers.
Did you know that over 1 billion people around the world have some form of disability?
Don't want to overindulge this holiday season? We've got six tips that could help you eat healthy.
Making a good impression and being seen as a valuable employee are important to your success.
Medical billers and coders can make their work easier with free smartphone apps.
These quick breakfasts can save you time and money, and can give you the energy you need to make it through your morning classes.
Our sample patient care technician resume is a great guide to help you show off your professional skills!
If you are a phlebotomist starting out in your new field and don't have any job experience, you can write a skills-based resume.
Are you considering going to medical billing and coding school? Before you enter a training program, learn about the five qualities you'll need in this profession.
Nursing assistants are people you can respect. They are in the center of patient care every day. They are there for their patients morning, noon, or night.
For healthcare workers, staying healthy during flu season is essential. Here are five reasons why you should get the flu shot!
What kinds of responsibilities and tasks do practical nurses do on the job? To find out, read this run-down of a “day in the life of a practical nurse.”
Superfoods don't have to be just popular food trends. See why the health benefits of eating kale make it have staying power!
If you are struggling in school, the first rule to follow is: Don’t give up! Remember, there’s always a way to improve if you put your mind to it.
Need help writing and formatting your resume? Harris Casel offers a patient care technician sample to help guide your writing.
Try these ideas to find out how rewarding kindness can be.
Before you enter a training program, read six answers to frequently asked questions so you understand the duties and opportunities available in a home health aide position.
Of the many types of jobs that exist in the field of healthcare, the field of medical billing and coding is one you may not have heard of.
If you’ve been feeling uninspired or unhappy lately, here are steps for improving your self-worth.
LinkedIn offers a wide array of options for connecting with others and getting your profile noticed.
Harris Casel features six answers to commonly asked questions about Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) training.
Feeling nervous about a job interview is completely normal. Even the most confident job seekers can find it unsettling to sit in that interview chair.
Enjoy caring for others? These four essential characteristics can make you a successful Paitent Care Technician.
If you’ve ever had your blood drawn for a blood test, you have probably met a phlebotomy technician.
Here are three simple steps you can take to prevent mosquito bites and the spread of the Zika virus.
If you are an adult student, you may not remember the study skills you learned back in high school. But that doesn't mean you can’t get them back!
Our practical nurse sample resume can help guide your own writing!
In this blog post, we are shining a spotlight on the career path of a Patient Care Technician. Read more to find out if this career makes sense for you.
Find out where practical nurses work and the opportunities that are available in each healthcare environment.
Getting good sleep can make a big difference in your mood, your energy level, and your performance in school.
Dressing professionally helps you come across as responsible, competent, and well-organized. Here are three rules for how men should dress for job interviews.
We have all heard stories about someone losing a job offer due to inappropriate social media content. What can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you?
The Harris Casel Institute offers you four tips to become a better home health aide.
Interviews can be stressful! There’s so much pressure to say and do the right thing, and on top of that, you want to make sure you are wearing the right clothes too!
LNAs have a unique blend of skills that makes them able to tend to patients’ needs in a professional and empathetic manner. Here are four skills you need on the job.
Do you get bored with your exercise routine? If so, check out these 7 ways to exercise to motivate you!
To celebrate nurses and all they do, we’re offering four fun facts about the history of nursing.
Phlebotomists are trained professionals who draw blood from patients. The blood may be used for blood tests, blood donations, blood transfusions, or medical research. How do phlebotomists do it? What does their job entail?
We offer a short guide to the frequently asked questions about the medical billing and coding program, so you know what to expect and how to apply to the program.
When training to become a practical nurse, think about these six key soft skills, and see how you measure up!
At Harris Casel, we know that it’s hard to stay on top of household chores, your studies, and a social life! We’re offering students a list of five ways to stay organized at home and at school.
Learning how to manage stress is a good skill that you can use throughout your personal life and professional career. Try these 5 tips for getting a hold of the stress in your life.
If you’re a PCT student or a practicing PCT who is looking to improve or brush up on their medical terminology, anatomy, and nursing essentials, Harris Casel offers four resources for PCTs.
Students in training to become healthcare professionals at Harris Casel Institute are learning nursing skills. But clinical skills are not the only thing they are learning.
Part of being a practical nurse means understanding and being sensitive towards your patients who are unwell or need care. Here are five ways you can show compassion.
College is an excellent way to prepare for a successful career, but it is not the only way. There are many careers that do not require a college degree.
If you’re interested in creating a stand-out resume, then check out our home health aide resume sample.
In sunny Melbourne, Florida, students are working hard to prepare for their new careers in the field of healthcare.
Water is so essential that it helps aid a healthy mind and body. If you're curious about the benefits water can have on the human body, then let this brief guide convince you how important it is to drink every day.
There is no doubt about it…school can be hard. But you can succeed at school it if you give it the time, effort, and attitude that it deserves.
If you’re considering going to school for a nursing position, here are some essential facts for you to consider about various nursing professions.
No one ever said that being a student would be easy. One of the most difficult parts of being a student is living on a limited budget.
It’s now easier than ever to make stronger professional connections. One great online networking tool is LinkedIn.
If there’s one nursing staff who gets to know the patients closely, it’s nursing assistants! Nursing assistants are responsible for taking care of patients’ basic needs.
If you’re interested in knowing what it takes to become a home health aide, then here's a guide to the skills you’ll need to use on the job every day.
Practical nursing can be a wise career choice if you are looking for a shorter education program than that of a registered nurse.
In a healthcare job, communication is especially crucial because you care for patients' well-being. Learn 5 ways you can improve your communication skills for the workplace!
Did you know that heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death in the U.S.? It can be a frightening statistic, but fortunately there are some things you can do to decrease your chance of heart disease.
Good mental health is crucial to living a healthy life. Here are 5 crucial steps to help maintain happy states of mind.
It can be tricky to land your first job when it seems like every employer requires three to five years of prior experience.
Building a network of professional associates can sometimes help propel your career to greater heights. It also helps you become a part of a professional community.
Did you know that you could be trained for a professional career in the field of healthcare in just 6 weeks’ time?
If you’re thinking of going back to school, then you may want to consider the Harris Casel Institute’s Phlebotomy/EKG (electrocardiograph aide) training program in Melbourne, Florida.
Choosing an allied health career training school is the first step in pursuing your new career. You want to be sure you are picking a reputable institution that will provide the training you need.
If you want to work better with your patients and co-workers or stand out at work, here are ways that you can improve your communication and interpersonal skills:
Making the decision to attend nursing school can be a big step in your life. And once you decide on nursing, you still have several decisions to make.
We want you to do your best on your job interview. We offer you five great traits that all healthcare workers should have, so you can prepare properly beforehand and impress your future employers on your interview day!
If you are considering going to medical billing and coding school, it’s a good idea to take some time to think about this career choice.
When you’re busy helping others at your healthcare job, it’s easy to get tired quickly. It’s important to stay energized so you can be alert and complete your tasks to the best of your ability.
Hard skills and soft skills are paired together so that our grads are ready to work.
Phlebotomists play an important role in the field of healthcare by drawing blood samples from patients, to be used for diagnostic testing.
If you’d like ways to optimize your study hours, Harris Casel offers 5 tips to help you study so you can perform to your fullest potential on exam day.
Home health aides (HHAs) are the backbone of the home healthcare industry. They are essential to their patients’ well-being, providing basic care such as feeding and bathing to those with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and senior citizens.
Every day we are faced with eating choices. When fast food is so easily available and relatively inexpensive, it can be hard to pass up the drive-through window on the way home from school or work.
It’s important to know what to expect so you can properly prepare for every question a potential healthcare employer may throw your way. These five tips will help you prepare for your interview and may even help you appear more confident.
If you are in training to become a Nursing Assistant, it’s important to learn how to manage your time well, so you can be helpful and efficient when it comes to being a part of the nursing team.
If you’re internship is approaching, you may be wondering what to expect and how to prepare for your first day. You could be asking yourself questions like, “How should I dress to look professional?”
If a four-year college is not in the cards for you, don’t be dismayed. There are many accelerated career-focused programs that can prepare you for jobs in professional industries such as the field of healthcare.
Do you think you are a good student? Or are you struggling with your courses? Whether you are acing every exam or having trouble keeping up, it never hurts to think about becoming a better student.
Practical nursing—like all jobs in the field of nursing—is an honorable profession. It is a job that requires patience, compassion, and caring for others.
If you’ve already graduated from a nursing training program, your next step is to search for jobs in your field. Further your skill set and your healthcare network in the meantime. Here are 3 tips to use while you search for a job in the field of nursing and allied health.
If you want to become a caregiver, but focus on personalized care for one patient at a time, then you may want to consider a Home Health Aide training program in Florida.
In our Patient Care Technician program, you will start out by learning the skills and responsibilities that nursing assistants learn, but the coursework will continue.
Writing a cover letter is nobody’s favorite activity, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be torture! Use these five tips to write your next cover letter, and you may find that it’s not as hard as you think.
Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at your doctor’s office? Who are the people who work in the back office? What are they doing?
Are you looking for a job training program that you can complete in a short amount of time? Becoming a Phlebotomist is one way to get started in the healthcare industry without investing years and years into your training.
When you are enrolled in career training school, it can be hard to make ends meet. You might only be working part-time, or not working at all, and as a result, there is very little money coming into your bank account, but you still have to keep up with your bills.
Your resume is your chance to market yourself. Think of it as your sales brochure, and be sure to highlight all of your best selling points!
If your New Year’s resolutions usually fail before February rolls around, you might want to try a different strategy. Some people find that choosing smaller, more manageable resolutions is the way to succeed.
Here at the Harris Casel Institute, we offer a variety of career training programs that can get you started in the workforce quickly. One of our shortest programs is the Home Health Aide program, which takes just three weeks to complete.
In the words of the Centers for Disease Control, “Hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infections.” If you are in training for a healthcare position, you will need to pay extra attention to good hand hygiene.
Welcome to the busy life of a student! These tips are designed to help you make the most out of the limited time you have each day. Take a moment, and see how many of these suggestions you are already doing!
Don’t jeopardize your chance at a job offer by making these mistakes when interviewing for a job.
When you see people working in the field of healthcare, you might notice that nearly everyone is wearing scrubs. Simple enough, right? But there is more to scrubs than meets the eye. Consider these tips for dressing for work in a healthcare job...
If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry which allows you to help people feel better, consider a phlebotomist career. At Harris Casel Institute, we can prepare you for an exciting career as a phlebotomist with the industry-knowledge and job skills you need to be successful in…
From providing basic patient care to drawing blood and performing EKGs, a patient care technician can play a number of roles in a healthcare facility. In fact, you can be involved in so many areas of your patients’ care that you may have more direct patient contact than most other…
Are you tired of dead-end jobs that leave you unsatisfied at the end of your shift? Perhaps it’s time to…
There has never been a better time to launch a health care career. If you’re looking for a new career path and want to find something that is both challenging and rewarding, a Medical Billing and Coding career may be the right choice for you. There are several reasons to…