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Career Interest Survey: Would You Like to Be a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

See if you have the traits that match this career

An attractive Hispanic Medical Billing and Coding specialist looks over her monitor at work.Have you ever taken a career interest survey to map out the kinds of careers you’d be good at? Maybe your high school guidance counselor gave you a survey, or maybe you took a survey online. It can be fascinating to reflect on your strengths and interests, and to figure out how they fit in with your career choice.

One of the many career training options at the Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida is that of Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. What is this profession all about? What do medical billers and coders do? Medical billers and coders typically work in doctors’ offices and hospitals, and are responsible for preparing insurance claims, submitting them to insurance companies, and handling the billing processes.

This article looks at the questions:

  • What makes a good medical billing and coding specialist?
  • What kinds of traits are important to do well in this job?
  • What kind of personality characteristics and interests make this job a good fit?

We hope you use this information to help determine whether your career interests match up with this profession. Here are some of the top traits you would need:

1. Attention to detail

The best medical billers and medical coders are detail-oriented. They work with numbers and codes every day, and they realize the importance of being accurate. As a medical biller or coder, you would be responsible for entering specialized codes into patient records, such as diagnosis codes and procedure codes. A mistake in a patient’s records could end up delaying payment or costing your employer money. That’s why accuracy is so important.

2. Respectful of patient confidentiality

If you have been to a doctor’s appointment lately, you probably signed a HIPAA form regarding patient confidentiality. Keeping patient information confidential is a very serious business in the healthcare world. As a medical billing and coding specialist, you would have access to private information about patients—from their health records, to insurance information, to financial information. For this reason, it is important to be professional at all times, and to respect all patients’ privacy.

3. Comfortable working at a desk

There are some people who love desk jobs, and other people who don’t. In this profession, you would definitely want to be comfortable with the idea of a desk job. Desk jobs offer a professional work environment, climate-controlled comfort, the chance to develop a rapport with colleagues nearby, and the stability of knowing where you need to be and when. If that appeals to you, then this type of job could work for you. You should also be comfortable with computers. But don’t worry…you don’t need to be a computer whiz to enroll in a training program—you will learn the computer skills you need during your training.

4. Adaptable and flexible

Like so many jobs today, the job of a medical coder or a medical biller can evolve over time. As new technologies are developed, you may need to learn new processes. You may need to adjust your practices if insurance companies change their claims processes. You may need to learn a new electronic records system. You may need to implement a revised coding system. To get ahead in any career, it’s best to embrace change rather than fight it. To embrace change, you can:

  • Do your best to stay on top of technology
  • Adopt a “go with the flow” attitude
  • Sign up for career development opportunities
  • Read about the advances and developments in your career field
  • Use LinkedIn to stay involved with others in your field
  • Join a professional association to stay current with industry news

5. Good communicator

In this career, you will have to interact with other medical billers and coders, as well as healthcare professionals, patients, and representatives at insurance companies. It’s important to communicate professionally, so that you represent your employer well. It’s also important to communicate clearly, so that all the details of the medical claim are understood.

How do you become a medical biller or medical coder?

If you think your strengths match up with these traits, then you may be a good candidate for learning medical billing and coding skills. To get started on this career path, you can look for training programs in your area. Here are some benefits to choosing this career training path:

  • Most training programs don’t require any prior experience. You simply need to have your high school diploma (or equivalent) to enroll.
  • Most training programs take less than one year to complete.
  • Most training programs enroll students year-round, so there’s no need to wait for a new year or a new semester to apply.
  • Many training programs include an externship, where you get to practice your new skills in a real world setting before you graduate.
  • Many programs accept Federal Student Aid or other forms of financial aid.

To find out more…

If your curiosity is sparked, why not read more about this career option? Try these articles and see if this is the right choice for you. These resources talk about what medical billers and coders do on the job, how much medical billers and coders make, how the job demand is predicted to be in the future, and more!

For those living in the Melbourne/Brevard County area in Florida, we hope that you will consider the Harris Casel Institute. We are a private career school that is committed to healthcare education and dedicated to our community. If you would like to enroll in Medical Billing and Coding training in Melbourne, Florida, contact the Harris Casel Institute today! Here’s how to reach us:

By phone: (321)-676-4066

Online: Harris Casel Online Information Form

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