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Get off the Couch with these 25 Fun Tips

fun ways to fit in exerciseSedentary lifestyles can be bad for your health!

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to your health? Researchers have found that being sedentary and sitting for hours on end can contribute to high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and excess body fat around the waist. Eating a healthy diet, getting good sleep, and staying fit are all part of a maintaining healthy lifestyle.

If you have a job where you sit at a desk all day long, you may be at risk of being too sedentary. Or if you are someone who spends many hours commuting in a car, you may be at risk. Or if you spend multiple hours in front of the TV or your lap top, you may be at risk. If this is the case, try these inactivity-busters!

  1. Do jumping jacks during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show.
  2. Go out dancing.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  4. Play with your kids (if you have ‘em!).
  5. Do a walk-a-thon for charity.
  6. Choose active video games like Let’s Dance over the seated ones.
  7. Do balance exercises while brushing your teeth or stirring a pot on the stove.
  8. Go from flat foot to tip toe (calf raises) while waiting in line.
  9. Take a walk with a friend instead of meeting them coffee.
  10. Park farther away than you have to.
  11. Do 15 sit-ups every night before bed.
  12. Walk or bike to work or school if you can.
  13. Stand up every time you use your cell phone, rather than sitting.
  14. Do isometrics—flex and unflex your abdominal or leg muscles if you’re stuck in a long class or meeting.
  15. Take a hike in a park.
  16. Do a handheld dumbbell workout while you’re binge-watching the latest series.
  17. Get off your mobile device and go outside!
  18. Challenge your friends to get in shape for a 5K or a mud run.
  19. Set a goal to achieve 1 pushup for every year of your age.
  20. Get a fitness tracker and set daily goals for your number of steps.
  21. Challenge your friends to meet fitness goals.
  22. Try to get up a least once every 30 minutes if you have sedentary things you must do.
  23. Clean the house-it’s never fun, but at least it gets you some exercise.
  24. Sweep the sidewalk.
  25. Stay in motion even while seated—stretch your feet, jiggle your leg, stretch your arms over your head—anything to keep moving.

These activities are not intended to get you into top physical shape—you need a proper exercise routine for that. But these short doses of action will help you avoid the pitfalls caused by long stretches of inactivity. So get moving today!



This post is courtesy of the Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, FL, where we encourage our students to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. For more about our allied health career training programs, contact us online!