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Great Qualities in Home Health Aide Professionals

home health aide training program home health aide qualities harris casel institute melbourne floridaThe skills you need to be a great Home Health Aide!

Home health aides are the professionals who assist patients in their homes. They provide in-home caregiving and assist with patients’ basic needs. Their patients may be elderly patients or patients with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or cognitive disabilities. They may care for patients by feeding, bathing, and changing them. In some states, home health aides are certified to administer medication to clients or check vital signs under the supervision of a nurse or healthcare practitioner.

If you’re interested in knowing what it takes to become a home health aide, then the Harris Casel Institute offers you a guide to the skills you’ll need to use on the job every day.

Here are five qualities you should have to succeed as a home health aide:

1. Patience

Since you’ll be working closely with patients every day, it’s important to have patience. As a caregiver, you need to help your patients with daily living activities. You will have to assist patients by holding items for them, helping them eat, and checking on them frequently. You’ll have to stay calm and supportive while you help patients finish their tasks at their own speed.

Patience means never being condescending or rude to your patients. If your patients have illnesses and disabilities, they are likely to be slower moving, but don’t let that frustrate you. Everyone thinks and moves at their own pace and processes things differently, so you have to be patient with the speed of their movement, communication, or learning abilities. An impatient caregiver will only lead to a patient feeling rushed or stressed. Instead, you can use your interpersonal skills to help make your patients feel at ease and begin to develop a positive rapport with them.

2. Empathy 

Empathy is a necessary trait for any healthcare job and it’s especially important if you’re working with patients with a high level of needs. Empathy means you can understand the feelings or perspectives of your patients. When you empathize with patients who have cognitive decline, need help with daily activities, or suffer from chronic pain, you are better at seeing the world through their eyes. Staying in tune with your patients’ feelings can help you better asses how to assist them. When you are sensitive to their feelings, you can become a better caregiver who becomes aware of what your patients may need.

3. Detail-oriented

When you give care, it’s important to pay attention to detail. You must follow the instructions from healthcare professionals closely. You need to accurately describe changes in a patient’s health status or pay attention to the proper way to dress a wound. Or you might need to administer medication at a specific time. Keeping track of details like these is important for your patient’s health. It’s also essential that you help make your patients as comfortable as possible and listen to their requests. As a professional, you must follow specific rules and protocols to help care for clients. Being able to keep track of these details will make you a better home health aide.

4. Well-organized

Organization is essential for home health aides. Home health aides stay organized by putting instruments in the right location and helping to tidy up the living area of a client. If there is an emergency, you need to know where medical supplies are kept. If a health problem occurs, home health aides should have a list of numbers they can call for help.  Staying organized will help your daily responsibilities run smoothly and gives your patients confidence that you are providing high quality care.

5. Physical stamina

As a home health aide, you’ll be active taking care of patients throughout the day. You need to be able to perform physical activities. For example, sometimes you may need to lift patients or turn clients if they are unable to walk or move. Physical stamina will help you to stay energized and accomplish tasks that are both large and small.

If you’re compassionate and value working closely with others in a home care setting, then you may want to consider a home health aide training program at the Harris Casel Institute. Our campus is located in Melbourne, FL. Contact us today for more information!