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Harris Casel Institute Emphasizes Career Readiness for Melbourne Students

career readiness, career training school, melbourne FLHard skills and soft skills are paired together so that our grads are ready to work

Melbourne, FL: Nestled not far from the Harvard Apartments in Melbourne, FL is a career training school called the Harris Casel Institute. We are busy preparing our students for professional careers in the field of healthcare and allied health. Graduates of our institute are ready for meaningful careers in these six areas: 

Home Health Aides: This is a brief program that trains students to provide home care for patients who are elderly or disabled. The program can be completed in as little as three weeks’ time.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists: These professionals are responsible for working with health insurance claims and applying the correct medical codes for procedures and diagnoses. They help ensure that medical providers are paid for their services.

Nursing Assistants: Nursing assistants support nursing staff in providing basic care to patients. Many nursing assistants find work in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but can also work in private homes or hospitals. 

Patient Care Technicians: This program goes a step beyond the Nursing Assistant program and provides students with additional clinical skills and training. Like nursing assistants, patient care technicians support RNs and other nursing staff in taking care of patient needs.

Practical Nurses: Our Practical Nurse program prepares students with important skills such as measuring vital signs, providing basic patient care, and handling patient records. After completing the program, students need to take their licensure exam with the state of Florida in order to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. (Our school cannot and does not award the license. It is a state exam.)

The Harris Casel Mission
At the Harris Casel Institute, we are proud of the many graduates who find employment in nursing homes, long term care facilities, labs, medical offices, and hospitals. We believe in providing compassionate care to the members of our community, and strive to teach our students with a blend of the clinical skills they will need for providing first-rate care, combined with the sensitivity to serve patients with a compassionate approach.

The Harris Casel mission says it all. At the Harris Casel Institute, we…

  • Provide educational programs of study in the field of health occupations. 
  • Maintain a professional learning environment that is both challenging and rewarding. 
  • Prepare our students to provide quality and compassionate care to our community. 
  • Strive to exceed our students’ educational expectations while encouraging their professional growth.

For more information about the Harris Casel Institute, don’t hesitate to contact us online. We would love for you to become part of our “family” in our Melbourne, Florida location.