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High School is Over…Now What?

what to do after high schoolWhat to do after high school if college is not an option

If you’ve just finished high school and still aren’t sure what’s next, you are not alone. College is a terrific option for many people, but for others, it may not be possible for financial, academic, or other reasons. This is nothing to be ashamed of! There are plenty of alternatives to college that can prepare you with marketable job skills and lead to gratifying careers.

For example, the fields of allied health and nursing are meaningful career fields where you can find positions that do not require a full college degree. The Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida offers training programs in these fields that can be completed in less than one year’s time. Consider these possibilities:

Home health aide: Home health aides travel to the homes of their patients, where they provide basic care to assist patients who can no longer care for themselves. This short training program can be completed in just a few months.

Medical billing and coding specialist: These professionals hold office jobs where they process medical insurance claim forms. Good attention to detail is important for this job. This program takes about one year to complete.

Nursing assistant: Nursing assistants often work in nursing homes, rehab centers, or other long-term care facilities. They report to the charge nurse and assist in helping the patients with basic care. The nursing assistant program can be completed in less than six months.

Patient Care Technician: Students in this program first learn the nursing assistant curriculum, and then continue on to gain additional skills such as administering EKGs. Choosing to become a PCT gives you more marketable skills when you enter the job market. Students can complete PCT training in under one year.

Practical Nursing: Practical nurses are trained on more skills than the nursing assistant or PCT. They can take on more responsibilities on the job, which can lead to greater job satisfaction. This training takes about one full year to complete.


If any of these positions sounds like a good path for you, why not explore more? Find out about the Harris Casel Institute today.