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Home Health Aide Training in Melbourne, FL

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“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” This quote by Booker T. Washington shows the importance of giving to others, and there may be no better example of a giving professional than a Home Health Aide.

The Home Health Aide training program at the Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida, is proud to be training our students for this important field. Our graduates will go on to care for others who are in great need of help and compassion. Their patients may be elderly residents who cannot live without assistance, people with disabilities who cannot take care of themselves, or patients with Alzheimer’s who need help navigating the challenges of this heartbreaking disease.

Here are some of the important tasks that home health aides do on an everyday basis:

  • Visit patients who need assistance in their homes
  • Assist patients with personal hygiene
  • Help patients bathe and get dressed
  • Remake beds and provide clean towels
  • Helping the patient to arrange doctors’ appointments and other logistics
  • Record the patients’ vital signs and other information for the lead nurse
  • Perform light house chores, like putting away dishes
  • Support the patients’ emotional health

These kinds of services are so valuable to people who are unable to care for their own basic needs. Home health aides are important not only to their patients, but also to their patients’ family members. Many times, patients’ family members—whether they are an aging spouse or a busy son or daughter—are unable to provide kind of round-the-clock care that is needed. Having a home health aide assist with the everyday needs of the patient is a huge relief for the other family members. They can rest assured that their loved ones are in good hands, and at the same time, get a break from the demands of caring for them.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a home health aide? No prior training or experience is necessary to enroll in our training program. You just need a high school diploma (or equivalent) and a desire to learn.

The good news is that the Home Health Aide program at Harris Casel in Melbourne, FL, takes only a short time to complete. You could be starting a new career in just a matter of months. If you are a compassionate person who loves to help others, then why not explore this path? It could be right up your alley!

Contact our representatives by filling out our simple online form. We hope your new career path begins at the Harris Casel Institute!