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How to Declutter Your Life

decluttering, declutter your life, house with clutterA simplified life can help you focus on what’s most important

If you are like many people, you have accumulated a lot of things you don’t really need or want. With the availability of so many consumer goods, it’s easy to fill up your home with a lot of items, from the latest coffee making machine, to magazines you rarely read, to that extra pair of shoes, to decorations for every holiday, to knick-knacks on every shelf.

For some people, it can get overwhelming to live among the clutter. Sometimes it’s hard to organize your life when your surroundings feel too messy. If you believe that decluttering your home could give you more focus and concentration, you may be on the right track. Try these tips to start saying goodbye to the clutter!

Tip 1: Five minutes per day

If decluttering an entire room is too overwhelming, try the 5-minutes-per-day trick. It’s as simple as it sounds. Grab a large bag and time yourself for 5 minutes, gathering up things you don’t need.

Tip 2: One item per day

If you’re having trouble with the 5-minute trick, aim for just one item per day to give away or throw away. Just think, by next year, you will have 365 fewer things!

Tip 3: Throw out as much as you bring in

Every time you bring something new into your house, you are contributing to the clutter problem. To combat this, try to throw away (or give away) as much as you bring into the house. In other words, if you bring in 5 new items, try to get rid of 5 things.

Tip 4: One spot at a time

Decluttering your whole home takes time. It may be easier if you break it into small chunks. Pick one drawer or one cabinet at a time. With smaller manageable spots, you will be less likely to give up on it.

Tip 5: Make a temporary “holding box” for uncertain items

It can be hard to part with things, especially items of clothing. You may not want them now, but you think you may want them in the future. One suggestion is to make a temporary holding box for items that you’re not sure of. If you find you haven’t used the items in the box for a full year, then get rid of them.

Tip 6: Take photos of sentimental items

Not sure what to do with your child’s art projects? Or the ticket stubs from a favorite concert? Rather than saving them, just snap a photo of them. This saves the memory without cluttering your home.


We hope these tips help you begin the task of decluttering your life. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it!

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