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Resources for Patient Care Technicians

medical apps patient care technician resources PCT apps and resources patient care technician training programApps and tools for PCT students and professionals!

Patient Care Technicians need to know many terms and healthcare processes so they are prepared for a professional career caring for others. As a student, you need to learn the vocabulary, rules, and practices of the trade. Efficient learning lets you assist co-workers and patients in a timely manner. It also helps to ensure that patients receive the most beneficial and accurate care possible. When you know what you’re talking about, you can communicate more easily with other professionals so they can quickly identify the health concern.

Learning and staying up-to-date on healthcare terms can be intimidating sometimes. If you’re a PCT student or a practicing PCT who is looking to improve or brush up on their medical terminology, anatomy, and nursing essentials, Harris Casel offers four resources for PCTs.

Quizlet is a great study tool for students. This website allows you to use flashcards so patient care technician students can help themselves prepare for their PCT exams. The website and app are free to use and you can record your progress over time. Flashcards can help you build strong memorization for the PCT field, so you have the knowledge to quickly and efficiently tend to patients’ needs. If you’re a PCT professional, you can also brush up on your medical terminology and procedures before work.

Med Mnemonics

When you enter a healthcare training program, you will need to memorize lots of medical terms. This app offers definitions and mnemonics as well as fun, easy-to-remember word plays, which could help you remember large medical terms more easily. If you’re a working PCT professional and you are unsure of a term or forget what a medical term means, then this app can help you efficiently review a term before you speak with a coworker or supervisor about a healthcare plan. This app is available for both Android and iOS smart phones.

National Network of Career Nursing Assistants

If you’re becoming a professional patient care technician, you may want to consider joining the National Network for Career Nursing Assistants. This organization provides professional connections to ongoing education, nursing assistant professionals, groups, organizations, researchers, and publications. Joining this network is a great way for you to stay updated on nursing essentials and practices. You can also grow your professional network and find local and national conferences and events so you can stay connected in the world of nursing!

Nurses Aid

Nurses’ aids and professionals can find the Nurses Aid app helpful during busy days. The app features organizational tools that help PCTS and nurses stay organized. The app allows you to make lists, schedule reminders, and helps you to avoid caregiving errors. The user-friendly app helps give you an overview of all the tasks you have completed and ones you have yet to finish. You can find this app for Android on GooglePlay.

These resources can help improve your growth as a patient care technician. If you’re studying to become a patient care technician, now is a great time to start using these apps to contribute to your education. If you need more help studying, ask a friend to study with you. Harris Casel wishes you good luck on your path to becoming the best patient care technician you can be!


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