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Sample Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Resume

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If you are in school for medical billing and coding, you will need to update your resume soon. It won’t be long before you are searching for your first job in your new field. If the thought of writing a resume gives you a feeling of dread, fear not! It’s not as hard as it seems!

To begin, you should think about the categories you will want to include. Most people include Objective, Skills, Education, and Work Experience. These categories will give potential employers a snapshot of all you can bring to the position.

Next, take a look at some sample resumes. A sample resume can give you a starting off point, and from there, you can fill in your own information. Try the one below to get you started:

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist – Sample Resume

Amara Johnson
111 Any Street
Melbourne, FL 32901
Mobile: 123-456-7890
Email: amara_j_johnson@youremailhere
LinkedIn: YourShortenedLinkedInURLhere


To deliver accurate and efficient medical coding services to help support the health claims filing processes at AnyTown family practice.

- Trained in CPT-4, HCPCS, ICD-10, and CMS regulations
- Medical coding and abstracting
- Medical insurance billing, including Medicaid, Workers Comp, and private insurers
- Medical terminology and interpreting diagnostic charts

- MS Office Suite, including Excel, Word, Outlook
- Electronic records maintenance
- Strong organizational skills
- Can type 50 words per minute



Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Extern (unpaid externship)
My Town Family Practice, Melbourne, FL – May 2017 to July 2017

- Shadowed medical coder, viewing over 125 accounts per day
- Looked up ICD-10 codes to check for accuracy
- Received training on the practice’s specialized medical coding system
- Verified patient status under Medicaid and Medicare

Sales Associate
Bath and Body Works, Melbourne, FL – June 2015 to May 2016

- Trained in sales techniques
- Assisted customers in choosing items, making purchases, and processing returns
- Designed displays for special promotions
- Interacted with about 150 customers each day
- Helped restock and order new inventory

Harris Casel Institute, Melbourne, FL
Medical Billing and Coding diploma, July 2017
XXX-hour program; XXX-hour externship placement

Any Town Area High School, Melbourne, FL
Diploma, 2015


And that’s the end of the resume! See? It’s not that hard! Once you have written the first draft of your resume, be sure to stop by your Career Services department. The professionals there are trained to help you improve your resume so that it best represents your skills and strengths. For more advice on writing a resume for today’s online job searching environment, try How to Write a Resume for an Online Job Application.

Another great way to support your job search is to create a top-notch LinkedIn profile. This gives you the chance to create a professional online presence for when potential employers search for you online.

Remember, your resume is a work-in-progress that will change and grow with you as you pursue your career. Now’s the time to get started writing it, so that it’s ready when you begin your job search. Best of luck!