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Hats Off to the Instructors at the Harris Casel Institute

teacher appreciation weekTeacher appreciation week is a great time to show your teachers you care

The Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida wishes to express gratitude and appreciation for our instructors. For one thing, we wouldn’t be a school without you! And for another, you are the educators who inspire our students to study new information, learn new skills, and find the courage to begin a new career field. We appreciate the energy, devotion, and effort that you bring to the school every day.

Here is our top 5 list of why the instructors at the Harris Casel Institute are the greatest!

1. You bring real industry experience into the classroom
Our teachers and advisory board members have valuable experience working in their career fields. With this background, they are able to bring first-hand knowledge into the classroom. For example, students in our nursing assistant program or our practical nursing program get to learn from instructors who have served for years in the nursing industry. This kind of real-world approach to teaching gives the students a better understanding of their new career fields.

2. You make the learning hands-on and engaging
Learning from a textbook is one important part of learning, but “learning by doing” can be the catalyst that gets the knowledge to really sink in. Our instructors give our students plenty of hands-on clinical time where they get to practice their new career skills. Students can practice their skills over and over again until they feel confident and ready for the workforce. Whether it’s learning how to draw blood, measuring blood pressure, or finding a pulse, our instructors are right there at our students’ sides helping them to get it down.

3. You make students feel at home
One of the unique things about the Harris Casel Institute is the small-school feel. Some students even say it feels like a family to them. This is largely due to the warm and welcoming nature of our instructors. Our instructors know how to make the students feel at home, and at the same time, hold high expectations for their performance. And they even know when to have a little fun too—many of them have a terrific sense of humor!

4. You demonstrate what it’s like to be professional
Our instructors are great at conveying and demonstrating the importance of a professional mindset. Much of the learning at our school is based on the career skills that students will need on the job. However, there are also “soft skills” that students will need to be a true professional. These include good communication skills, good “people skills,” and a respectful attitude. Our instructors make sure the students are learning these skills too.

5. You go the extra mile for your students
There’s no doubt about it. Our instructors work hard and go the extra mile for our students. In addition to putting their hearts into their everyday lessons, our instructors do extra things like: staying after class to help students, calling students at home to see if they need help, and pitching in during community events and social events.

The students and staff appreciate how hard our instructors work to make our school a great place! Thank you for all you do!