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Thank a Teacher Today

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Teachers are everyday heroes who inspire students to achieve their very best. They give their all to their students during class time. And they work hard behind the scenes to prepare lessons and activities that will make the curriculum come alive. Teachers need to be experts in their subject areas and at the same time, be able to impart their knowledge clearly to their students. They are responsible for keeping up with changes in their specialty area and for continuing their own professional development. In short, the job of a teacher is not easy!

So, if you are a student, why not take some time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of your teachers? Here are some great ways to surprise your teacher with a little appreciation:

  1. Give your teacher a flower for no particular reason
  2. Write a positive comment on a “rate my teacher” website
  3. Say hello and look your teacher in the eye before every class
  4. Thank your teacher at the end of every class
  5. Show respect by behaving politely and participating in class
  6. Be a role model to other students to encourage good classroom behavior
  7. Post a positive comment on social media about how great your teacher is
  8. Write a thank you note, stating 3 specific things you like about class
  9. Find out when your teacher’s birthday is, and have all the students sign a card
  10. Bring in a classroom supply like white board markers or tissues
  11. Ask your teacher something about their career, like “how did you choose to be a teacher?” or “What do you find rewarding about teaching?”
  12. Spread the word to other students about how great your teacher is

With these ideas, you can bring a smile to your teacher’s face and help them understand that you appreciate their hard work and caring attitude. In addition to these ideas, there is one more thing you can do for your teacher. Know what it is? You can…

Be the best student you can be!

There’s nothing that makes a teacher happier than knowing that their students are working hard, caring about their school work, and trying their best to learn the course material. Getting you to learn is the whole reason they are teaching!

If you are having trouble in school, don’t hesitate to get some help. Remember, your teachers want you to get good grades and to succeed in your school work. Don't let yourself fall behind in school. Talk to your teacher if you are having trouble and work out a way to get caught up. Putting the effort into your classes will not only impress your teacher but it will also serve you well in your future education and career.


Taking the time to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of others is always an important thing to do. At the Harris Casel Institute, we are proud of our teachers and our students, and wish to show appreciation for everyone at our campus in Melbourne, Florida. Thank you for all that you do to make our school a great place to be. Keep up the great work!