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The Benefits of a Home Health Aide Career

home health aide training program benefitsReasons Students Choose to Become Home Health Aides

Home health aides (HHAs) are the backbone of the home healthcare industry. They are essential to their patients’ well-being, providing basic care such as feeding and bathing to those with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and senior citizens.

If you’re a compassionate person, the healthcare field could be a desirable career choice. Many HHAs enjoy their job because they can build relationships with their patients in home environments. As you research training programs, you’ll wonder what the unique advantages are of an HHA career. This guide will help you decide if it’s the right career for you.

Here are four benefits of choosing a Home Health Aide career.

1. Connect with patients

As a home health aide, you can build relationships with patients and their families. This career offers the opportunity to know your patients over extended periods of time and allows you to socialize with them every time you give assistance. Since you’ll want to make your patients feel comfortable, socializing can give you self-worth knowing you’re helping them with kindness. Home health aides can watch TV, read a book, or play games with their patients to make the day more fun!

2. Flexible schedules

If you become a home health aide, you could look forward to flexible hours. Although aides are needed around-the-clock, some HHAs work family-friendly hours while their patients’ family members are at work. You may find full-time or part-time jobs, which can offer flexible schedules that you won’t find at other entry-level jobs.

3. Independence

The home health aide career lets you work independently. Unlike other healthcare jobs, your training allows you to work one-on-one with your patient. You don’t need to work under a Registered Nurse or other supervisor during work hours. It’s a great opportunity to use your skills and take on more responsibility.

4. Calmer work environment

Many HHAs prefer working in a patient’s home rather than a healthcare facility. In nursing homes or hospitals several patients depend on you and require different types of assistance at once. Homecare lets you focus on one patient, so work is less hectic. HHAs like home environments because they're more personal and are, usually, more peaceful places to work.

If these benefits sound desirable, consider applying to the Home Health Aide training program at the Harris-Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida. You could end up with a convenient schedule and an important opportunity helping others.


This article is provided by the Harris-Casel Institute’s weekly blog. We also offer five other healthcare training programs including: Medical Billing & Coding, Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy/EKG, and Practical Nursing. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.