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Want a Secret for Doing Better in School?

positive thinkingStart to think positively. It really makes a difference!

If you are falling into a pattern of dreading going to school, skipping classes, and getting behind on your homework, it is definitely time for a change. School is an opportunity to improve your life, and you don’t want to miss this chance!

If you have a negative attitude, you are stacking the deck against your own success. The first step you can take to turn your life around is to start thinking positively. Here are some tips for turning your life in a positive direction and getting the most out of your schooling. Try them out. We bet you will enjoy the results!

Step 1. Trade negative words for positive words
There is no doubt about it…school can be hard. But you can succeed at school it if you give it the time, effort, and attitude that it deserves. The first step is to put away your negative attitude and replace it with a positive attitude. Start with the words you use very day:

  • Instead of “I can’t,” say, “I will try.”
  • Instead of “I don’t get it it,” say, “Can you please explain that again?”
  • Instead of “I hate anatomy class,” say, “This is a hard class, but once I learn it, it will be cool to know how the human body works.”
  • Instead of “My teacher is too strict,” say, “I know I’m going to learn a lot from this teacher.”
  • Instead of “There’s too much homework,” say, “The more I do my homework, the easier school is becoming.”
  • Instead of “I can’t do this,” say, “I won’t give up until I get it.”

Step 2. Spread the word to your friends
Do you hang around with friends who complain about school? Do they have negative attitudes that are bringing you down? If so, you may want to step it up and become a leader. Tell your friends you are trying on a new attitude to do better in school. Try to steer the conversation to positive topics. Form a study group with your friends instead of having a gripe session. If you aren’t getting anywhere with your group of friends, and they are still bringing you down, try to meet new friends who seem to take a positive approach to school.

Step 3. Practice feeling grateful
If you get caught in a spiral of thinking negatively, you might always think “why me?” To break out of this pattern, it helps to make a list of all of the things that are going right in your life, even if they seem small or trivial at the time.  Several psychological studies suggest that feeling grateful can improve your attitude toward your life and improve both your physical and emotional health. Think about it today…What do you feel grateful for?

Step 4. Pause before you react
Some people are more emotional than others, and may jump to anger without thinking first. Or they might be quick to complain. The minute they are given a new assignment, they might groan about it. The minute they hear that something has changed, they will complain about it being better the old way. Instead of this approach, try to pause and take a deep breath before responding negatively. Use the pause to re-focus your reaction. This gives you time to make your reaction positive rather than negative.

Step 5. Be proud of your achievements
When you are a student, you are expected to continue learning new material every day. It can be a little daunting sometimes. This is why it’s a good idea to celebrate your small achievements along the way. If you aced a homework assignment, pat yourself on the back. If you improved your test scores, treat yourself to something special. As you rack up the achievements, your self-esteem will improve, and you will feel better about yourself as a student.

Step 6. Make friends, not enemies
Do you remember the bullies back in grade school? As adult students, we should be way past that stage. Don’t waste your energy on negative relationships. Make it a point to treat everyone kindly, and simply stay away from people who don’t treat you kindly. If you are kind-hearted and open-minded, you will be amazed at the friends you make and the positive energy they will bring to you.

Step 7. Less phone time, more face time!
How much time do you spend looking into your phone? We all use our phones for a variety of reasons throughout the day, and sometimes it can distract us from the here and now. If we spend our school day with our faces buried in our phones, we are missing the point of being at school. Be present in your school life. Focus on what you are seeing, hearing, and learning at school. This will help you be more engaged with your school work and less distracted by everything in cyberspace. You might actually find that you like it!

We hope these 7 steps are the path to a healthier, more positive attitude toward school. With this kind of attitude, you are sure to go far!


The Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, FL is proud of all our students and hope they are on their way to a positive, bright future. For information about becoming a student in one of our career-focused programs, contact us online.