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What Does a Nursing Assistant Do?

what does a nursing assistant doThis career path can get you started in the world of nursing

There are many different types of nurses. If you are considering going to nursing school, you will have to think about what level of education you want to get. One of the fastest ways into this field is to become a nursing assistant. Nursing assistants are entry-level professionals who help take care of patients’ basic needs. The training only takes a few months, and for this reason, it could be a good option for people who need to get into the workforce quickly.

Most nursing assistants work in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, where they provide critical services to the residents of the homes. Other nursing assistants may work in hospitals, and some may work in home care. In most cases, nursing assistants report to a head nurse. Nursing assistants can also be called nurses’ aides.

Here are some of the things that you would do on the job, if you choose to become a nursing assistant:

  • Visit nursing home residents in their rooms
  • Help residents with basic needs such as personal hygiene and getting dressed
  • Transport patients to services, such as the x-ray department
  • Help patients to move or walk from place to place
  • Change bed linens when needed
  • Measure and record vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Serve meals to residents and help them eat if needed
  • Restock medical supplies
  • Enter information into patients’ records
  • Assist the head nurse as needed

Do these responsibilities sound like something you could do? If so, check out these 5 Benefits of Becoming a Nursing Assistant or 5 Important Things to Know About Becoming a Nurses’ Aide. With a nursing assistant training program, you can learn the skills and background knowledge you need. After your training program, you will need to pass your state’s licensing exam before you can practice. And once you’ve passed, you are ready to start your new career path!

Remember, as a nursing assistant, you will not have the same level of training, responsibility, and opportunity as higher-level nurses. If you want to attain a higher level in nursing, you could consider becoming a patient care technician, practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), or even go for your bachelor’s or master’s in nursing. The sky is your limit!



The Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, FL, offers several nursing-related career fields: Home Health Aide, Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, and Practical Nurse. Find out more about enrolling at Harris Casel