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What if College Isn't for You?

career focused training, alternatives to collegeCareer-focused training may be a good alternative

There are many benefits to going to college, but for some students, college simply may not become a reality. Perhaps it is too expensive, or maybe the academics aren’t your thing. If college does not seem to be in your future, try not to worry. College is not the only route to a satisfying career. This article looks at career-focused training as a possible alternative to a four-year college.

What is career-focused training? Career-focused training is simply training that is targeted toward a specific career path. The training provides you with the skill sets that you need to seek a job in a certain career field. With career-focused training, the academic workload is lighter, while the hands-on practice and skill-building exercises are more intense.

Career-focused training vs. 4-year college

Depending on your career goals, career-focused training can have some clear advantages. Here are some of the reasons why people choose this type of education instead of a four-year college:

  • It’s easy to apply and get accepted
  • Applications are accepted any time of year
  • The focus is on hands-on learning
  • Most programs only take about one year to complete
  • There are often externships that allow you to get practice in the field before graduation
  • You will be paying tuition for a shorter time than a four-year college
  • You will have marketable skills in a short time frame

The Harris Casel Institute in Melbourne, Florida, is a private career-focused training school that offers five practical options for getting marketable job skills in a short period of time.

Home Health Aide
Our Home Health Aide program is our quickest program that can prepare you for the workforce in just a matter of months. Home Health Aides travel to patients’ homes to help them with basic care that they require.

Medical Billing and Coding
Medical billing and coding specialists work in hospitals and medical offices where they assign special codes to insurance claims and submit them to insurance companies for payment. This type of job is good for a detail-oriented person who prefers office work over direct clinical contact with patients.

Nursing Assistant
Nursing assistants work in nursing homes and long-term care facilities as part of a nursing team. They are responsible for taking patients’ vital signs and helping patients with their basic everyday needs.

Patient Care Technician
Patient Care Technicians are similar to nursing assistants, but they receive extra training so they are qualified to perform additional procedures and tasks.

Practical Nursing
Practical nurses work directly with patients in nursing homes, medical offices, and hospitals. They handle a higher level of responsibility than nursing assistants or patient care technicians.

With most of these programs, you can get trained and ready for the job market in less than one year’s time. For people who cannot go to college or do not want to go to college, this can be a practical alternative that gives you important, marketable skills. Contact the Harris Casel Institute for more information about how to enroll.