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What Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

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If there’s one time in your life when you want to “dress to impress,” it’s for a job interview. If you have a job interview coming up, what should you wear? Do you need to wear a business suit? What if you are dressed better than the interviewer? Can you let them see your tattoos? Should you wear a skirt or pants? If these are the types of things you are wondering, then read more to find out!

Business suit: yes or no?

Workplaces are much more casual than they were in the past. However, it’s still not a bad idea to wear a business suit to an interview. Sure, your interviewer may be dressed more casually than you are, but that's okay. Wearing a suit shows that you are taking the job interview seriously, and that’s a good thing. If you can’t afford a suit, try thrift stores or consignment shops. If you still can’t find the right look, it’s okay to wear a dress blouse with dress pants or a skirt.

Dress pants or skirt?

The choice between wearing dress pants and a skirt is up to you. Either is fine for an interview—whichever makes you more comfortable! If you choose to wear a skirt, make sure it is long enough to cover your thighs when you sit down. Also, wear stockings. Bare legs are not professional during an interview.

Can I show my tattoos and tongue ring at a job interview?

More and more workplaces are accepting of tattoos and other body art and personal expressions. However, during an interview, it’s usually better to wear clothing that covers your tattoos if you can. Same goes for piercings—leave out the nose ring and tongue ring on interview day if you can. You never know if your interviewer may have an issue with body art, so it’s usually better to play it safe.

Can I wear high heels?

Your shoes put a finishing touch on your interview outfit. Make sure you choose shoes that are in good condition with no major scuffs. Your shoes can have a modest heel, but avoid stilettos or very high heels. Lower heels look more professional. Also avoid open-toed shoes, sandals, clogs, boots, or other casual shoes.

Can I wear nail tips?

Having a nice manicure is fine for an interview, but it’s best to keep your nails on the shorter side. Nails that are very long will just be distracting. As always, make sure your nails look clean and neat.

What bag should I bring?

For an interview, you want to look put-together and organized. For this reason, avoid bringing a large over-stuffed pocketbook. Instead, use a small purse, or better yet, a portfolio that holds your resume, pen, and a tablet for taking notes.

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