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Where Do Patient Care Technicians Work?

where do Patient Care Technicians work, where do PCTs workLearn more about a career field that offers a range of options

Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) are healthcare professionals who give direct care to patients. They help patients with daily activities such as dressing, eating, and bathing. This can mean working with several different populations: the elderly as well as those who have disabilities or even chronic illnesses.

Becoming a PCT provides a variety of options in terms of where you could work once you complete your training. Some of these environments might suit your skills and interests more than others. Read on and see which ones appeal to you.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook suggests that there are several primary employers of PCTs (in the same category as nursing assistants). The top three are:

1. Nursing care facilities

These include long-term nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and restorative care centers. In these settings, PCTs assist patients in their rooms with basic living care, including helping them to access the bathroom, the dining area, or an exam area where they can be seen by a doctor. Some PCTs enjoy working in a long-term nursing care facility because it offers the opportunity to bond with patients over time.

2. Hospitals

In hospitals, PCTs perform duties in the patients’ rooms, at their bedsides. They often help to transport patients for an exam or operation, and then back to their rooms. Since hospitals operate 24 hours a day, PCTs in these jobs should expect to work nights, holidays, or weekends.

3. Continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities

Continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities are also an important workplace for PCTs. Their skills are useful in places where there are individuals with a wide range of needs for assistance.

There are several traits that make for a good PCT, including empathy, interpersonal skills, patience and physical strength. If you think that a patient care technician might be the right path for you, consider applying to a training program today! For residents of the Melbourne, FL region, check out the Harris Casel Institute. Our program gives you the skills you need to be a successful PCT in any work of these work environments.


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