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About Us

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Our History

Casel Healthcare Training Center, A Florida Licensed Training Facility, was formed by nurses as an educational resource center to educate candidates of our community who are diverse in age with or without work experience and from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, who are choosing the healthcare profession as a career.

Now named Harris Casel Institute, we still have the same dedication to our community and given healthcare fields.

Mission Statement

Provide educational programs of study in the field of health occupations. Maintain a professional learning environment that is both challenging and rewarding. Prepare our students to provide quality and compassionate care to our community. We will always strive to exceed our student’s educational expectations while encouraging their professional growth.


  • Quality – Conduct an ongoing variety of performance evaluations using measurement tools and regular advisory board meetings.
  • Professionalism – Maintained by the standards and statutes set by the Florida Board of Nursing, The Florida Commission for Independent Education, and the policies of Harris-Casel Institute.
  • Confidentiality – We will maintain the confidentiality of our students and staff, and uphold confidentiality as agreed upon with our affiliates.
  • Professional Staff – We maintain the standard and our staff is professionally licensed in their areas of expertise. Evaluations will be performed, and licensure and records will be maintained. All staff will attend conferences and classes as required by the state, and the policies of Harris-Casel Institute.
  • Cost – Training will be provided at a competitive rate to provide an economic benefit for the community. We will provide an opportunity for aspiring professionals to join the healthcare workforce through quality affordable training. Harris-Casel Institute will provide information regarding financial assistance for students who qualify. We do not directly or indirectly imply that an applicant will qualify, or that funds will be available.
  • Convenience – Several short term programs of study which will allow our students to enter into the healthcare workforce more readily.


Our philosophy is to provide consistent, professional and personal attention to each student that enters our center. Our students will be groomed to have a strong desire to help others with a genuine concern for the welfare of their patients, clients, coworkers, and the ability to deal with diverse people.