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Workouts That Make Exercising Fun

make exercise fun, fun workoutsLook at exercise as “you time” and enjoy every minute of it

Are you a “gym rat” who lives for working out? Or are you someone who dreads working out and only does it because you know you should? If you don’t like exercising, it can be hard to find the motivation you need to stay in shape. You may find yourself skipping workouts and looking for excuses to avoid the exercise you know you need.

If this sounds like you, then maybe you could benefit from finding more fun types of exercise. There are plenty of ways to get exercise that are so much fun you’ll hardly know you’re working out. Try these options if you are in need of a change of pace:

Exercise with a friend
Nothing makes exercise time go faster than sharing it with a friend. Not only is it enjoyable to talk with your friend, but it also gives you more accountability to actually show up and do it!

Dance as exercise
If you love to dance, then you should have no trouble finding an exercise program that is enjoyable. From Zumba to ballet to hip hop to barre to jazzercise, there are many choices for people who are dancers at heart.

New trends
Exercise professionals are always coming up with fun new classes. Depending on what’s offered near you, you may be able to find trapeze classes, Soul cycle classes, anti gravity yoga, orange theory, kettle bells, cardio kickboxing, bosu balls, and rebounding classes.

Working out in your own living room
If you’re not the gym type, you can still get exercise from the comfort of your own home. Try cardio DVDs, streaming exercise shows, or video games that have exercise programs. You can even burn a lot of calories simply jumping rope!

Outdoor/adventure exercise
Some people get bored of the gym and find that getting out in nature is the way to go. If you’re the adventurous outdoor type, look into rock climbing, rowing, hiking, biking, ultimate Frisbee, or trail running. You’ll never get bored of the outdoors!

Boot camps
Boot camps are designed to give you the motivation to work out and the peer pressure to stick with it. If this kind of group training works for you, then boot camp may help you revitalize your workouts and get inspired to stay in shape.

Club Sports
Solitary or stationary exercise can get lonely. If you like the idea of being part of a team, you may be able to find club sports in your region. Join a soccer team, volleyball tournament, kickball league, or whatever interests you!

Set a goal for yourself
Setting a goal for your exercise is another way to stay motivated. It may be a weight loss goal. Or it may be an event, like a 5K run or a mud run. Having a target in mind can give you the extra incentive you need.

When all else fails, walk!
Walking is one of the easiest exercises there is. It may not give you the cardio workout you get from kick boxing or Soul cycle, but it’s definitely better than no exercise at all. Plus, if you really step it up to a brisk walk, you can get your heart rate up and enjoy some great health benefits.

With so many options available, it’s time to get up and move! Once you get fit and find the right kind of exercise for you, you will be amazed at how much you enjoy it.



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